Gateway to Adventure!

Six new adventures for Starguild: Space Opera Noir. Space pirates, mad scientists, cultists, organleggers and more.

Each of the adventures contains the information needed to run a 4 hour one-shot adventure with prebuilt PCs, or to integrate the adventures into your ongoing campaign. This collection contains six of my favourite convention adventures which I’ve used during Starguild playtesting. The adventures are:

  • Tragedy on the Mercal Stellarum: A luxury space liner with a disparate group of passengers, each with their own secrets, is attacked by space pirates. But that turns out to be the least of their problems as someone in their midst is working on something truly unspeakable.
  • Against the Organ Leggers: The Federation world of Ketteral is one where citizenship can be bought and traded. Many non-citizens in the derelict noncitz zones are prepared to sell organs to earn their right to citizenship. Can you bring down the criminal masterminds who are making money from their misery?
  • For Science! An adventure for scientists at a convention being run by a possibly mad scientist who may or may not have dodgy funding, stolen research, skeletons in the cupboard and a life-threatening disregard for safety. Or all the above. Still, what an opportunity, eh?
  • Fast Yacht to Adventure: A playboy wants help rescuing his sister from an evil millionaire who has kidnapped her. But what strange cult has been set up in the backwoods?
  • Agents of PSI: There are rumours of illegal scientific research deep in the caverns of Crystalmine. This is true, but there is also worse in store.
  • Last Chance for Redemption: The Martell Union takes a harsh view of failing officers; this ship is the last chance saloon for them – but then the captain dies suddenly and a derelict ship becomes a death trap. What fault lines will appear amongst the crew?

You will need the Starguild:Space Opera Noir rules to play.