Inner Circle - Playtest

I’m opening up the first playtest for Inner Circle. Please join me!

If you are interested in taking part, and helping to refine the rules and make them even more fun then download the playtest version of the rules from https://planesailinggames.itch.io/inner-circle-playtest and use the feedback form so that you can report back on your experience.

You’ll have access to an 18 page PDF with minimal art and layout, but it should be fully playable for 2-5 people in 30-60 minutes.

To the existing fictional, historical and contemporary settings I’ve now added six additional settings. Three truly horrible business settings and three weird settings that set an entirely different context.

Business Settings

  • Big Pharma: Whether it is selling opiates and whitewashing your image, or profiteering off suffering, there is much for the board to plan.
  • Big Tech: Grow the social network, find new audiences, feed them outrage and increase your profits.
  • Big Energy: Rake in the profits while casting doubt on climate change, who cares about our children when we can live well?

Weird Settings

  • The Colony: Life for ants in a colony is hard, who will survive the longest?
  • Haunted House: Ghosts in a haunted house, struggling to fend off the grave by holding on to their memories.
  • Hells Kitchen: Preparing recipes for the head chef on a reality TV show. Who will make the cut and who is for the chop?

Contact Details

email me: [email protected] or DM me on twitter @NAlexWhite.