Lonely Courage Actual Play

I was hugely priviledged to have a number of groups of people record playtest sessions, and agree to have them made available for people to listen to.

The first is a recording around a kitchen table by Diana Gamet, Rob & Lindsay Daviau, Ariel Jaffee and David Nolin. It isn’t a studio recording, so there is quite a lot of background noise, but their story still plays out dramatically.

Genevieve​ (Esther Nemerov) ​played by Ariel Strength: Surprisingly skilled with knives. Weakness: Terrible French accent. Jewish, family escaped Germany and headed to England. Married to a French Jewish man. She enlisted to fight against the Nazi regime, for those who didn’t get out in time. She is assigned to the role of Courier.

Josephine​ (Elizabeth “Poppy” Smith Hargraves) ​played by Rob Strength: Excellent liar. Weakness: Accent (learned French from nanny, who was from Brittany) is a bit off. Wealthy, elite English heiress. Learned French from her governess while growing up. When her many brothers did not choose to enlist in the war effort, she did. She is assigned to the role of Courier.

Clothilde Thierry​ (Georgette) ​played by Dave Strength: Trained mechanic, excellent in bicycle and automobile repair. Weakness: Borderline (poor) French literacy. Father was a French soldier, mother was an English nurse. In the First War, her mother emigrated to France, when she met Clothilde’s father while treating injured soldiers at the front. Before his death, Clothilde’s father taught her bicycle & auto repair in his shop. Clothilde’s father was killed during the German invasion, and Clothilde fled to England with her mother. Clothilde is now posing as a refugee from the German occupation. She is assigned to the role of Courier.

Rose​ (Claire) ​played by Lindsay Strength: Excellent skill as a wireless operator and communications technician. Weakness: Average (or less than) in physical skills demanded of SOE agents. Age 23, French mother, Rose grew up in England. Worked as a live-in nanny for a lower-upper class family back in England. After the loss of several of her mother’s relatives in France, Rose joins the resistance to honor her loved ones. She is assigned to the role of Wireless Operator.

Podcast Actual Play

A two play game on the podcast Party of One by Jeff Stormer and Kiva Fecteau

A four player game on the podcast Roll Playing Guys by Rebecca, Nick, Spencer and Tyler in four parts

A three player game on the podcast She’s a Super Geek by Senda, Andi and Betsy in two parts.

Video Actual Play

This is a recording of a Gauntlet Hangout by Catherine Ramen with Peter Mazzeo, Carmen Maria Marin and David Morrison

This is a recording of a Gauntlet Hangout by Donogh McCarthy, Leah and Sabine